KISS2013: INTER faces

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Jun 182013

At this year’s Kyma International Sound Symposium —12-15 September 2013 in Brussels, Belgium — composers, sound designers, and performers will be focusing on interfaces for interactive sound design and live performance.

Allison Pickett @ KISS2012

Actor Allison Goodman, shown here controlling Kyma with an Emotiv EPOC neural headset, is one of the performers scheduled to appear at KISS2013 in Brussels September 12-15 2013

Some of the special activities in store for this year include hands-on demonstrations of interfaces for interactive sound and performance, a public dialog on spatialization featuring electronic music pioneers Annette Vande Gorne and Joel Chadabe, a competition pitting teams of sound designers and engineers against the clock to create new performance interfaces, an exclusive preview of new developments in the Kyma sound design language, concerts of new music inspired by the Belgian painter René Magritte, live Kyma electronics spatialized through a 70+ speaker Acousmonium in the Espace Senghor, and an installation in the ISIB foyer where visitors (tracked by a Kinect camera) will create a continuous, collaborative soundscape.

KISS2013: INTER faces will also feature technical sessions on topics ranging from signal processing to interfaces, an ‘Open lab’ where Kyma experts will be available to answer questions, hands-on demos and workshops focusing on innovative user interfaces and controllers, and evenings filled with live musical performances showcasing some of the best work created in Kyma this year, including music controlled by brain interfaces, game controllers, iPads, Continuum fingerboards and drawing tablets; audio signals used as controllers; Foley artists as live performers; live cinema; motion-tracked dancers, and more!

Kyma developers Carla Scaletti and Kurt J. Hebel will be joined by over 30 audio and music professionals from ten countries in presenting the seminars, music, and hands-on demonstrations.

The full KISS2013 schedule is available on-line.

Program highlights

Institut Supérieur Industriel de Bruxelles

KISS2013 organizers Rudi Giot and Jacques Tichon, along with their students at the Institut Supérieur Industriel de Bruxelles (ISIB), have several special activities planned for KISS2013, including:

Hands-on interfacing sessions

Get up close and personal with hardware and software interfacing tools including Open Interface and Skemmi (the universal Open Sound Control interface builder), Soft Kinetic Cameras, Interface-Z sensor kits, Tobii eye trackers, Reactable on a Microsoft Surface, Raspberry Pi, Dynamixel, Microsoft Kinect, and more!


Modeled on a reality-TV-style creative competition, InterFaceOff pits teams of composers and engineers against the clock, challenging them to create new performance interfaces in just four days!

A Spatial Dialog

KISS2013 attendees will have a unique opportunity to learn about live spatialization performance from Belgian composer Annette Vande Gorne who, in a public dialog with Electric Sound author and composer, Joel Chadabe, will discuss and demonstrate musical spatialization using a 70+ loudspeaker Acousmonium installed in the Espace Senghor.

The Listening Room

Inspired by René Magritte’s painting of the same name, Christian Frisson’s interactive LoopJam composition The Listening Room blurs the line between the individual and the group. Based on collections of sound clips generated in Kyma, LoopJam creates a two-dimensional sound map using timbral similarity as distance. Throughout the conference, visitors (tracked by a Kinect camera) will be interacting with the space in a fluid and playful way, creating a continuous collaborative composition in the foyer of the ISIB.



Concerts featuring performances of live interactive Kyma pieces will be spatialized in real-time by experts from Musique et Recherches utilizing their 70+ speaker Acousmonium.

Who should attend

Anyone who is obsessed with sound – whether a novice looking to kickstart his or her career, an expert seeking fresh inspiration, or someone who’s simply curious about sound, interfaces, or Kyma – will find in KISS2013 a chance to immerse themselves in sound and ideas for four intense and inspiring days and nights.

Here’s how Chicago-based sound designer and re-recording mixer, Dustin Camilleri describes his experience at last year’s KISS:

“…The unique thing about Kyma, I find, is that it appeals to such a wide spectrum of people doing such an amazingly diverse set of things, but sharing a common language. The conversations I had were so incredibly inspiring; the performances I saw were just over the top, and the community at large was just some of the nicest most genuine people I’ve ever had the pleasure of spending some time with. For a conference it was truly amazing.”

Registration and travel

Registration is now open. An early registration discount is in effect until August 1, 2013. Student discounts are also available.

Looking for a place to stay that is near the action? Here is some travel and lodging information.


KISS2013 Site

Questions? Please contact the organizers.


Dancing in the foothills of the Swiss Alps

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Mar 162012

Dance company, la Cie Gilles Jobin, will be performing a double-bill at Théâtre Les Halles in Canton Valais, Switzerland on March 16th and 17th.  The program is especially interesting in that it features choreographer Gilles Jobin’s first work, A+B=X (1997) presented on the same bill with his most recent work Spider Galaxies (2011).  The musical score for Spider Galaxies, composed by Cristian Vogel and Carla Scaletti, will be performed live in Kyma by POL (aka Christophe Polese).

Book your ticket online, by email, or by calling +41 (0)27 452 02 97. There’s a discount if you attend both shows!

Choreographic pianist

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Mar 112012

Choreographic pianist Eleonor Sandresky is performing music for piano and live Kyma processing at the Greenwich House Music School in New York on Sunday, March 11, 2012. In her performances, Sandresky is interested in how motion translates to emotion; she goes beyond merely composing the music to literally choreographing the entire performance. Recently, this interest has taken on a cyborghian element as she dons a new Perceptual Expansion Space/Suit (designed by Semiotech) to enhance the conversation with light and sound in her performances. Contact Electronic Music Foundation for an invitation.

Spiders Dance On

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May 032011

Gilles Jobin‘s Spider Galaxies, featuring a Kyma-generated score performed live by Cristian Vogel, is embarking on the next leg of a world tour with performances at:

  • May 20 – Festival Evidanse – Delémont – Switzerland
  • June 14 – Festival Latitudes Contemporaines – Lille – France
  • December 8 & 10 – Festival theater:now – Steckborn – Switzerland

Susanna Panandes Diaz, Isabelle Rigat, Louis-Clement da Costa and Martin Roehrich in a scene from Gilles Jobin's Spider Galaxies

In his May 3rd review of the Beirut performance of Spider Galaxies for L’Orient du Jour, Critic Edgar Davidian wrote:

The music is intense, rhythmic, percussive, and populated by noises of all kinds, from the tuf-tuf of trains and hissing of bullets, sirens roaring or speeding decibels, cries of a tropical forest, or the noises of a bustling city; the dancers are like air traffic controllers giving signals and weaving a web (is that the spider?) by way of gestures and unforeseeable pirouettes, free, impulsive, fantastic, at the same time having often an almost machine-like precision in obeisance to rigor and discipline.

The richness of the sound score is due to two modern composers, Cristian Vogel and above all Carla Scaletti, a pioneer and intrepid avant-gardist of electronic music.  An amazing score (all the more so in that the steps of the dance fit perfectly with the notes that spring forth from synthesizers and computers) where the sense of melody is deliberately ignored in favor of cadences, of rhythms, and above all strange groupings of sounds like roars, gun shots, deafening landslides, organized noise.


Read the full review in the original French.

In The Daily Star, May 3rd edition, Matthew Mosley wrote:

Some audiences might have seen resonances with the beguiling behavior of subatomic particles when the Gilles Jobin dance troupe came to town Saturday with “Spider Galaxies,” their brand new creation.

With an electronic soundtrack that makes use of data from the LHC, “Spider Galaxies” is an hour-long stream of non-repeating dance sequences performed by a team of four, a continually mutating bodyscape of interaction and divergence that generates an intense hypnotic power.

As a subterranean rumble resonated through the Madina’s sound system, algae-hued light revealed dancers Susanna Panandes Diaz, Isabelle Rigat, Louis-Clement da Costa and Martin Roehrich dispersed across the stage.

Randomness was built into the soundtrack, too, mixed live by longtime Jobin collaborator Cristian Vogel. At several moments Vogel deployed random number generating programs to dictate the specific texture of the soundscape.

Spread over a number of channels, Vogel’s incidental music blended sampled sounds, electronic melodies and tracks from composer Carla Scaletti, whose pieces incorporated LHC data. The resulting soundtrack veered between Kraftwerk-like electro, industrial clankings and ominous hummings.

At times Vogel [and Scaletti] used multiple speakers to create marvelous Doppler effects, giving audience members the sensation of sitting at the center of the LHC itself, with particles whizzing round at increasing speeds, preparing to impact.

Investigating the elusive notions of beauty, meaning and human behavior, Jobin provides us with a reminder, if one were needed, of the essential mysteriousness of the world.

Read the full review and other reviews of Spider Galaxies.

Spider Galaxies

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Apr 062011



For choreographer Gilles Jobin, dance is sentient architecture.  Employing the moving bodies of the dancers as his materials, Jobin constructs dynamic, self-aware architectural spaces that continuously flow and intersect with one another.  In his newest work, Spider Galaxies, Jobin and his dancers create an extremely precise and dynamic score of complex generators that is at times powerful and disturbing but with moments of exquisite delicacy and playfulness.

Jobin’s longtime collaborator and musical director Cristian Vogel will be performing the musical score, co-composed by Vogel and Carla Scaletti, live from a Kyma Timeline: a first for the company!

In Le Courrier – 08-09.04.2011, reviewer Dominique Hartmann wrote:

Le relief de la pièce doit beaucoup à la musique, composée par Carla Scaletti et Cristian Vogel et jouée en direct chaque soir. Ses sonorités monumentales, ses  vibrations et ses stridences ceignent la scène et claquent comme un vent de l’espace, contribuant à dilater celui-ci aussi efficacement que la parole aux mains d’un Claude Régy. La création musicale a puisé dans des données récupérées du LHC. Car Spider Galaxies s’inspire aussi de l’accélérateur de particules du CERN: «Le LHC captive tout le monde! Pour ma part, c’est justement le potentiel d’abstraction que ces processus nécessitent qui me fascine.»

The depth of the piece owes much to the music, composed by Carla Scaletti and Cristian Vogel and played live each night. The monumental sonorities, the vibrations and the stridences surround the stage and slam into us like wind from outer space, helping to expand the dance as effectively as the word is expanded in the hands of Claude Regy. The creation of the music drew upon data retrieved from the LHC. Because Spider Galaxies was also inspired by the CERN particle accelerator: “The LHC captivates everyone! For my part, it is precisely the potential for abstraction that these processes require that fascinates me.”

More from the critics…

The first performances are in March-June 2011, followed by a world tour later this year:

3-4 March: Sneak preview at Journées de Danse Contemporaine Suisse

15-17 March: World Premiere at Bonlieu Scène Nationale – Annecy – France

30 March – 3 April:  Théâtre Arsenic – Lausanne – Suisse

6-17 April: - Théâtre de l’ADC – Genève – Suisse

29 April - Beirut International Platform Of Dance – Beyrouth – Liban

20 May - Festival Evidanse – Delémont – Suisse

14 June - Festival Latitudes Contemporaines – Lille – France

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