John Paul Jones will once again join forces with Helge Sten and Supersilent, this time for a performance at the Molde International Jazz Festival in Norway on 19 July 2011.

JPJ’s Kyma-enhanced bass is a fitting addition to Supersilent’s signature use of synthesis, looping, theremins, and Helge Sten’s own Kyma sound designs.  Jones’ first collaboration with Supersilent was at last year’s Punkt Festival, prompting John Kelman to write in All About Jazz:

…this was no conventional bass solo, as Jones began with relatively normal textures, but gradually moved to greater extremes, using ring modulation to create oblique harmonies, overdrive to create dense textures, and assorted other effects to create a piece that ebbed and flowed, building to periodic climaxes only to settle and begin the climb once again. Beautiful chords gave way to angular expressionism, as Jones delivered a short set that, for those unfamiliar with his post-Zep work, must have been a shock to the system, but set a clear context for the collaboration with Supersilent to follow.

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