Jul 182011

Composer Joel Chadabe‘s One World 1, a fixed media piece realized entirely in Kyma, will be performed as part of World Listening Day in New York City on Monday July 18 2011.  The piece, based on simultaneously projected images and sounds from New York and New Delhi expresses the essential unity of human hopes and aspirations, no matter the cultural or geographical context.







Chadabe writes:

The primary concept behind One World is that we all, whatever the specifics of our different cultures and beliefs, share the same world through a common human bond.

“At the same time, it seems clear at this moment in history that the idea of sharing one world through a common human bond is a utopian goal rather than a current reality. It is one of the major problems of our age that inundated with information, much of it disturbing, we view the world today as a complex, turbulent and chaotic system of different nationalities, religions, cultures, and politics, as if the world were one large crowded city overwhelmed by urban noise. We all face the same dilemma. How do we interact with this world? How do we extract humanity from the chaos to focus on individual lives?

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