Einstein taught his uncle how to ride a bicycle, and, soon, choreographer Gilles Jobin will be able to return the favor by teaching a group of present-day physicists how to dance in his new role as the first Collide@CERN-Dance and Performance Artist in Residence.  Jobin wonders whether there is a parallel between the scientist’s totally focused thought in pursuit of knowledge and the artist’s total focus in the moment of performance. The wickedly playful Jobin promises to stir things up around the ring with several interventions across campus in unexpected places, all investigating the connection between thinking and moving, all certain to be stimulating and fun as learning to ride a bike for the very first time.


Jobin is an internationally acclaimed choreographer based in Geneva and well-known for commissioning new electronic music for his dance scores (several of which have employed Kyma)!

For periodic updates on this playful collision of art and science, follow ArtsAtCERN.


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