The Exploding Tickets (Robert Landfermann – Bass ; Christian Lillinger – Drums ; Matthias Schubert – Saxophone ; Eckard Vossas – Kyma) are performing at the LOFT in Cologne on October 22, 2012 in a freely improvised, expressive, energetic, spontaneous and impulsive set of encounters between uncommon electronic sound experiments and natural instruments.

Eckard Vossas uses his Kyma system, controlled and tweaked by a Continuum Fingerboard and various other controllers like iPads and pedals, to create a unique individual style of improvised electronic music, sensitively modulating synthesized and artificial sound material with his fingertips, transforming and performing with the same expressivity as his acoustic improvisation partners with whom these sound transformations hold an intensive dialogue. It can be fascinating to hear how new and different the acoustic instruments – Saxophone, Bass, Percussion – can sound when they are confronted with experimental electronic timbres!

Concert at the LOFT starts at 20:30 (ticket information).

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