Sound design for Brecht in Porto

Sound designer Luis Aly utilized Kyma to spatialize the sound for a 13-27 September 2013 production of Brecht’s Die Geschäfte des Herrn Julius Caesar (The Business Affairs of Mr Julius Caesar) at the National Theatre of Porto in Portugal.

To create the space, Aly routed eight Kyma outputs across 26 Meyer Sound speakers grouped as: Front of House (10 speakers), Surround House (10 speakers) and Back of Stage (4 speakers) and Inside Stage (2 speakers). The ten actors and live musicians (voice, violin, custom electric guitar and electronics) were all miked and their inputs were mixed in a Midas Heritage 2000 mixing desk, sent to Kyma, and spread in space using reverberation and delay algorithms.

According to Aly, “..with only a few parameters I could move the space, stretch it, shrink it, delay it…Kyma it!!! For a sound designer it’s a dream come true. In this process I thought of what I wanted, realized it very efficiently in Kyma, and the results were amazing!”