A new pipe organ has just been installed in the St. Johannis Harvestehude church in Hamburg, where the organist is keen to combine the organ with electronic instruments. In addition to several other interesting features, the new organ has speakers installed on the side and the organist has installed a half-size Continuum fingerboard on top of the console.

On Sunday, March 22, 2015, 19:00, two award-winning organists—Wolfgang Zerer of Hamburg and Franz Danksagmüller of Lübeck will present the inaugural concert on the new Mühleisen / Marcussen organ.  To celebrate the combination of tradition and innovation reflected in this new instrument, the program will be presented in two halves: Tradition performed by Zerer, and after the intermission, Innovation presented by Danksagmüller.  The full concert will be recorded by the NDR (Norddeutscher Rundfunk).

Danksagmüller, a longtime Kyma user and organizer of KISS2015 in Lübeck, will be placing microphones inside the organ and doing live Kyma transformations of the sound as well as controlling the organ via MIDI and a four-step sequencer in Kyma.  The program for the second half of the concert is:

  • Franz Danksagmüller: Sphaera
  • John Cage: Souvenir and Fontana Mix
  • Franz Danksagmüller: Improvisation
  • Franz Danksagmüller: machine organ

Admission is € 10 (with open seating) and you can get advance tickets at the box office

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