Wittgraf rocks MOXsonic

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Mar 142018

Mike Wittgraf performed his “Date Night” for various acoustic sound generators and Kyma in the final slot of the last concert of the MOXsonic Festival on Saturday, March 11 2018.

Wittgraf’s lively performance was well received, eliciting whoops and cheers during the performance which finally moved him to stand up, walk away from the computer and finish the performance standing in front of the laptop with the Wiimote. Afterward, some of the other performers commented on the large amounts of realtime processing made possible by Kyma.

A photographer, a composer & a dancer…

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Feb 142014

What happens when an artist, a composer, an actor, and a dancer meet in an art gallery? Find out next month, when Phil Curtis travels from Los Angeles to London to perform with photographer Kelly Nipper, actor Małgorzata Białek, and dancer Marissa Ruazol in Tessa Pattern Takes a Picture at the South London Gallery. The hour-long piece features  electronic music performed live by Curtis using a combination of Ableton Live and Kyma processing.   Curtis used 24 drawings based on Labanotation  as the inspiration for the score, transforming each page into a two-and-a-half minute segment of music.

Tessa Pattern Takes a Picture explores the spatial, expressive qualities of time when rendered in a photograph or a film.   It touches on the history of photography, the Black Forest, clocks, and the ideas of Rudolf Laban (an early twentieth century movement theorist). The piece opens on Saturday 1 March 2014 at 7 pm in the Main Gallery of the South London Gallery.

In the meantime, back in Los Angeles, Floodsongs, the album Curtis recorded with Anne LeBaron has just been released; it features Kyma-generated electronic sounds on the title track, LeBaron’s piece for vocal ensemble: Floodsongs.

Cristian Vogel’s second hometown

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Jan 212014

Cristian Vogel is currently composer-in-residence in a small village in Southern Japan called Kimotsuki Town, participating in a Second Home Town, an experimental arts initiative of contemporary dance artist, JOU and audio/visual artist, Mitsuaki Matsumoto.

Photo 16-01-2014 08 44 04

The three artists will work together for two weeks in Kimotsuki Town before traveling to Tokyo to present some of the results of the residency with Cristian performing Kyma, JOU dancing and Mitsu improvising on his own custom-made stringed instrument.

26th Jan  14:30-15:30 (Kawakami, Kimutski Town)
Osumi dancing arts and area information center
-winter artists in residence project-
in Kawakami village, Kimotsuki Town.
Closing event short  performances and concert

28th Jan (Kagoshima city)
croisements kagoshima vol.0
○ sound + ○ food + ○ dance
open: 19:00 start: 19:30
Hananoki Farm Lab. Sandwich included
venue : tenmonkan area [NPO法人かごしま文化研究所 文学サロン 月の舟 /tsuki-no-fune]
4-6-3F, nakamachi, kagoshima city
reservation :croisekag0@gmail.com
1st set: Kubo(piano), Mitsuaki Matsumoto, JOU
2nd set: Cristian Vogel

29th Jan (Tokyo)
Cristian Vogel (solo show) @ super-deluxe, Tokyo

31st Jan – Cristian Vogel solo show and guests (Takasaki)

1st Feb –  Kosmoslane gallery (Tokyo)
experimental music group improvisation and solo show

2nd Feb –  Mitaka Reversible Destiny Lofts
Cristian Vogel, Mitsuaki Matsumoto, JOU
music and dance improvisation

8th Feb. Temple in Kamiya Cho- near to Roppongi
Cristian Vogel (solo) & with JOU

John Paul Jones and the POTUS

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Dec 032012

John Paul Jones, composer/performer/producer and one of the earliest Kyma-adopters, was awarded a Kennedy Center Honor for his work with Led Zeppelin on December 2, 2012.  The award, for exemplary lifetime achievement in the performing arts, was presented by President Barack Obama who said of the seven honorees (and of all artists):

…each of us can remember a moment when the people on this stage touched our lives. Maybe they didn’t lead us to become performers ourselves. But maybe they inspired us to see things in a new way, to hear things differently, to discover something within us or to appreciate how much beauty there is in the world.

They didn’t just take up their crafts to make a living, they did it because they couldn’t imagine living in any other way…

quux collective

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Oct 042012

The quux collectivea new music ensemble of classically trained musicians who perform music for saxophones, percussion, bassoon, bass, clarinet, didgeridoo, theremin and Kyma, have three shows coming up:

Saturday, 6 October 2012 at 7:30 pm
Longwood University
Molnar Recital Hall

Friday, 2 November 2012 at 2:30 pm
University of Richmond
Camp Concert Hall

Saturday, 3 November 2012 at 8:00 pm
Virginia Commonwealth University
Vlahcevic Concert Hall
$5 (free for VCU students)

Here’s a sampling of Roland Karnatz’ Kyma work:

Didge III by Roland Karnatz for didgeridoo and Kyma:

Duet I by Roland Karnatz for improvised percussion and Kyma (Peter Martin, percussion):

Di Scipio in the Age of Cage

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May 182012

Agostino Di Scipio “The Age of Cage”, on Friday May 18, 2012 was the final event in an Homage to Cage series organized by the University of Salerno, culminating in Polvere di suono e altri resti (“sound dust and other remains”) a concert curated by Agostino Di Scipio, featuring new music by Di Scipio as well as new realizations of classic Cage works including: a new version of 4’33” with Di Scipio’s Background Noise Study Kyma patch; several Audible Ecosystemics pieces; and the 6 studi for piano & electronics. The concert, technically managed by Silvia Lanzalone and her electronic music students in Salerno, was a big success.

Di Scipio and Longobardi have several upcoming concert dates that will include a new version of Cage’s Electronic Music for Piano (1964). Imagine Cage’s Music for Piano 4-84 played through a network of self-governing feedback circuits (realized in Kyma), using only piezo discs, getting feedback through the metal and wooden parts of the piano! The Stradivarius label is about to issue a 50-minute long version of the new Cage/Di Scipio work on CD at the end of May 2012.  For dates and times, please visit: Di Scipio Upcoming Events

John Paul Jones & Helge Sten at Punkt 2011

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Sep 032011


John Paul Jones and Helge Sten presented a Punkt Seminar on 3 September 2011 where they talked about how they are using Kyma in their new project: The Minibus Pimps.  Their debut performance was at Punkt and their EU debut will be 16 September 2011 at KISS2011 in Porto, Portugal.

Bits and Beats

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Jun 052011

Detroit Underground‘s DJ Kero and Twisted Tools have released a free sample library drawn from Kero’s vault created entirely with Kyma/Pacarana, Machinedrum, Virus TI, Monomachine, Nord3 and Monome.

Included with the sample pack is a free Kyma Sound that lets you access any of Kero’s twisted loops, processing the mid and side differently. Just roll the dice to create your own “DJ Pacarana”.  There’s also a Sound that randomly selects from the single-hits library for endless entertainment on those long summer nights.

Ponto Granulation in Heap’s “Lifeline”

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Apr 302011

Kyma played a part in a recent release by Grammy Award-winning British singer/songwriter, Imogen Heap. The song, titled “Lifeline,” incorporates a granulated ukulele sample contributed by Kyma user, Robert Ponto. According to Heap, the sound inspired both the key (c-sharp minor) and opening chord sequence.


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