Cristian Vogel‘s Curling Sound System, part of the Antigel music and dance festival in Geneva, is a live sound track, captured and manipulated during a curling match between two highly-ranked teams, one from France and one from Switzerland. Vogel will be using eight Wiimotes to track the infrared signatures of candles positioned around the hall and wireless microphones to capture the slipping and sliding sounds from the match; he uses the Wiimotes and the audio signals to control live sound manipulation in Kyma. The event will culminate in a fondue supper with music in the restaurant of the Curling Club of Geneva.

10 February 2012 at the HALLE DE CURLING TIVOLI / Chemin du Fief-de-Chapitre 9A / 1213 Petit-Lancy / TPG 14 / ARRÊT Quidort

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