National Illusion

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Feb 092014

Javier Umpierrez has just finished the sound design and music for a trailer for Ilusión Nacional, Olallo Rubio‘s upcoming documentary on the history of Mexico’s national soccer team, that conveys the passion and the politics behind the world’s most popular sport.

In the trailer, Umpierrez used Kyma to create and control the vast, powerful crowd sounds as well as other sound design elements. Starting with a recording he made of a full-capacity crowd in Aztec Stadium, he’s been utilizing Kyma’s SampleCloud and controlling pitch and amplitude in real time using Kyma Control on the iPad.

Umpierrez is also doing the score and the sound design for the film itself, so we can look forward to even more awesome crowd effects and inspiring music when the film opens in April 2014.

Oct 252013

Composer John Balcom recently completed the score for a new documentary utilizing Kyma as his synthesis tool kit.  BIG SHOT, part of ESPN’s award-winning series 30 FOR 30, tells the story of John Spano’s notorious purchase of the New York Islanders hockey team – which, 4 months after it happened, was exposed as one of the biggest scams in sports history. Directed by Kevin Connolly (E from ENTOURAGE), the film offers the first ever interview with Spano. It’s a pretty incredible story — Newsday called it “a must-watch for anyone with an interest in the power of delusion — both of the self and of others.” The film will be premiering Oct 22nd at 8pm EST on ESPN, and will eventually be available on demand as well as Netflix.

Far more than a sports documentary, the film is, at its core, the story of how a con man pulled off an incredible scam, and much of Balcom’s music speaks to this part of the film. The main instruments used were harp, piano, percussion, and synth, with Kyma supplying most of the synth parts.

When asked why he uses Kyma, Balcom responds, “I find the sound quality second to none. It has become an invaluable tool for me and I find myself using it more and more in my projects.”

Kyma, Curling, & Fondue

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Feb 102012

Cristian Vogel‘s Curling Sound System, part of the Antigel music and dance festival in Geneva, is a live sound track, captured and manipulated during a curling match between two highly-ranked teams, one from France and one from Switzerland. Vogel will be using eight Wiimotes to track the infrared signatures of candles positioned around the hall and wireless microphones to capture the slipping and sliding sounds from the match; he uses the Wiimotes and the audio signals to control live sound manipulation in Kyma. The event will culminate in a fondue supper with music in the restaurant of the Curling Club of Geneva.

10 February 2012 at the HALLE DE CURLING TIVOLI / Chemin du Fief-de-Chapitre 9A / 1213 Petit-Lancy / TPG 14 / ARRÊT Quidort
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