What happens when you combine two unique and individualistic instruments (the Buchla 200 and Kyma) and one individualistic, experimental composer, fearlessly following the dictates of a bright and restless curiosity (Roland Kuit)?

Kuit’s new album, Nanophonic Similarities, is refreshingly raw and experimental.  It’s pure sound and the thrill of discovery!

Buchla 200 audio is used as a starting point, then algorithmically scrambled, granulated to create a new sono-language and rendered to the quadraphonic 24 bit Super Audio format.

Listen and order Nanophonic Similarities from the Donemus site.

Roland Emile Kuit = nanophonic similarities


Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 11.37.58 AMFlutist/composer Anne La Berge is featured on the cover of the July 2015 issue of freiStil magazine. Inside, an in-depth interview delves into Anne’s history, music, and politics.

When asked about her electronic beginnings, she recounts, “My first electronic instrument was the microphone. To this I owe some of the most magical aspects of my sound: whistling, harmonies, echoes of vowels and consonants, to name just a few.” She soon started to expand on those effects with hardware like the Clavia Micro Modular, then the Clavia Nord Modular G2, and now “currently I am a passionate Kyma system user… I do most of my pieces in conjunction with a Kyma. I am fascinated by the expansion of the flute sounds by electronics. I really appreciate auxiliary means for obtaining an incredible dynamic range. Sometimes in an ensemble situation, the flute can’t be heard. So I’ve developed sound patches that allow me to be heard in almost any musical situation.”

Anne can be heard performing her live Kyma-processed flute compositions at the Berlin Heroines of Sound festival in 10-12 July.


Bruno Liberda promises to provide another small piece of the puzzle that is the angel universe: A non-singing actor, words that unfold as a monk singing, a new episode of l’angelo della voce awaits. Follow the evolution of this piece on line.

Then, a concert in Vienna for live electronics and flute with Bruno Liberda & Anne La Berge:

Musik für Gönner, Bruno Liberda
Weg nach C, Bruno Liberda
Utter, Anne La Berge

Sunday, July 5 at 21h
Elektro Gönner
Mariahilferstrasse 101 / Schulhofpassage
1060 Wien

The concert is smoke-free to protect the flutist (and the other angels).


Gustav Scholda, a.k.a. kymaguy, has just released an extensive set of spectral processing modules, sharing them with the Kyma community! The modules are free with an option to donate through PayPal if you’d like to support further development.

With names like FormantShifter, FractalNoise, PartialDerange, SpectralCentroid and many others, the Scholda modules are encapsulations of signal flows designed to analyze and process the output of live or recorded Kyma spectral sources.

Gustav is also available for private consulting, coaching, and custom module design to help you customize your own spectral processing ideas in Kyma.  In fact, he’s already posted the first of a series of tutorials on how to use his spectral modules: PitchShifting/Bending using the Product1 Module


Build your Kyma 7 mastery and increase your sources of creative inspiration by subscribing to NeverEngine Labs, Cristian Vogel‘s newly launched subscription service offering tools, resources, private instruction, and consulting opportunities designed to help enhance your Kyma 7 productivity and creativity.

NeverEngine Labs offers several “Labs”, each one focused on a different area of the Kyma 7 universe. The Labs are designed to inspire you with creative ideas for music composition and sound design as well expand your knowledge of the power and capabilities of the new Kyma 7.

These Labs are not fixed in function or design (like plug-ins or presets); instead, as a participant, you are encouraged to deconstruct and recombine the Sounds and their inner elements. Help is provided through live communication channels where you, Cristian and fellow subscribers can discuss the content of each Lab and receive regular updates with notes. Subscribing to a NeverEngine Lab is an invitation to engage in listening, curiosity and experimentation, all at your own pace!

Find out how Cristian can help you, your band, or your in-house team get the most from your Kyma system with custom-made workflows and designs.

To find out more about the labs and upcoming announcements, visit NeverEngine Labs.


Pianist/composer/educator Stanley Cowell will be using Kyma 7 to process his piano as his quartet performs for the first time at the prestigious Village Vanguard club in New York City. Cowell will be joined by saxophonist/flautist Bruce Williams, bassist Jay Anderson, and drummer Billy Drummond. Check out some of his recent tracks.

Cowell is enthusiastic about the new Kyma 7 software, writing “Symbolic Sound is still most awesome! Thank you for the continued updates.”

Apr 292015


Sound artist/composers Cristian Vogel and SØS Gunver Ryberg will be performing live on twin Kyma systems this Friday, May 1st, 2015 at Denmark’s premiere Jazz venue: The Jazz House. Cristian and SØS are bringing in their own quad system to augment the famous Jazzhusset in-house system to create a totally immersive environment.

Billed as 100% realtime Kyma 7 on Paca and Pacarana, the program features a longer version of NEST (which Vogel and Ryberg premiered at KISS2014 with singer, Theresa Szorek), this time with guest vocalist Sissel Vera Pettersen. The duo will also be performing Moved By Magnets, which features 16 Walkmans and prepared cassettes, all spatialised through Kyma.

The duo’s collaboration revolves around an exploration of the music emanating from an imaginary sound space called “The Sugar Cave”—an imagined multiverse that resonates with a unique amalgam of industrial noise, rhythmic electronics and diffuse soundscapes.

Friday May 1 at 22:00

Doors open at. 21.00

Full details: http://jazzhouse.dk/jazzklub/sgrcav-cristian-vogel-s%C3%B8s-gunver-ryberg-cldk


Electronic music pioneer, Dick Robinson, will be presenting a Concert of Electroacoustic Music April 26, 2015 from 2 to 4 PM at Sycamore Place Gallery, 120 Sycamore Place, Decatur, GA 30030 (Donation $10-20).

Robinson joined the Atlanta Symphony in the 1950s as a violinist but his first love has always been electronic sounds and live improvisation. A student of Bob Moog, Hugh LeCaine, Charles Dodge, Kurt Hebel, and Carla Scaletti and good friend of Pauline Oliveros, Robinson was the first US composer to get a Kyma system. Robinson has always been inspired by visual artists and physicists (quantum theorist David Finkelstein is a longtime friend and inspiration).

An unrepentant avant-gardist, Robinson has an infectious laugh and joie de vivre, saying of his music, “I’ve always improvised, and have collaborated since the ‘70s without the thought of anything more than having fun.” It’s a sense of fun that quickly spreads to the audience during his performances!

Electronic Milonga

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Apr 102015



It’s not every day you get an opportunity to dance to the music of composer Bruno Liberda. But when ensemble minimal tango, led by Diego Collatti, invited Liberda to enrich their milonga music with his electronic surges, Liberda realized it was an opportunity not to be missed.

Liberda will be putting microphones into pianos, bandoneons, violin, guitar, and double bass in order to create electronic Tango.  Come to dance (or even just to listen).

Sunday, April 12, 22 uhr, Public Theater / red bar


In April 2015, QUANTUM, the dance piece Jobin created inspired by his residency at CERN, will be touring northern Mexico including Culiacan, Hermosillo, Tijuana, Ensenada and Mexicali. Technical director Marie Predour will be running the live sound for the piece using a Kyma 7 Timeline.

Choreographer Gilles Jobin took a moment to talk a little about the piece, to explain his ideas on algorithmic choreography and to reflect on collaboration, art, science, and technology.


What’s interesting about technology is not so much the technology as a tool, but technology as a new way of thinking — as a different way to organize your work or to think about your work. The same is true when choreographers work with scientists or with musicians. There is a kind of exchange of practices that is enriching for everybody.

14 April Culiacan – Festival Danza José Limon

16 April Hermosillo – Un Desierto Para La Danza

19 April Tijuana – Cuerpos in Transito

21 April Ensenada – Espuma Cuantica

23 April Mexicali – Entre Fronteras

27 April to 2 May Torreon – Gilles Jobin will be on the jury for Premio Nacional Guillermo Arriaga

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