Musicacoustica Beijing

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Nov 012011

University of Oregon director of interactive music technology, Jeffrey Stolet, premiered his new piece Hendrix de Aguadilla for Kyma and iPad (Kyma Control app) on the opening concert for Musicacoustica in Beijing on October 24, 2011. Earlier in the day, Stolet gave a presentation on Kyma and the SumOfSines Disco Club (his new book about the Kyma system), describing how Kyma is being used and taught in higher education.  The next performance of Hendrix de Aguadilla will be in Chengdu, China on November 1 2011.

Lou Reed’s Euro Tour

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Jul 262011

Sarth Calhoun, performing on Continuum as part of Lou Reed‘s band, is touring Europe this July, controlling multiple Kyma/Paca systems for sound synthesis and processing submixes from the band.  For a full list of dates in the UK, Italy, and France, visit and click Appearances.

Here’s Sarth preparing his rack-mounted Pacas for the tour:

Metallica’s Secret Recording Project

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Jun 272011

Rumors of a secret Metallica recording project were finally confirmed on June 15, when Metallica announced on their web site that they’ve just finished recording a full-length album with the legendary Lou Reed.  In the photo ( you can see Lou Reed (seated on the left) and Sarth Calhoun (standing on the right) with his Continuum and Kyma + Paca setup.

Everyone is looking forward to hearing the final result (with the possible of exception of one evil psychopath).

Ethereal Mbiraski

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Jun 202011

Yasuski (aka Yasushi Yoshida) has just posted a series of videos of his handmade Mbiraski instrument processed live through Kyma and his Audio Hologram (a 3D performance space of his own design).  Etheral, calming, and deceptively organic, it’s the perfect music for a summer day.

Here’s one where Yasuski goes Medieval on us with a closer view of the Mbiraski and Delora Software’s vKiP controlling Kyma from an iPad:

And another where the Kyma processing almost sounds like frogs on hot, humid summer night:

Kyma Control

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Oct 222010

Symbolic Sound’s Kyma Control for the iPad bundles four of the most popular Kyma controller-types into one, wireless multi-touch package that includes: a VCS, a pen/tablet controller, standard and Tonnetz keyboards, and accelerometers plus compass heading.  Check out the video demo.  Kyma Control is available from the Apple App Store.

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