Minibus Pimps at Nattjazz

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Apr 172013

Helge Sten (Deathprod, Super Silent) meets John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin, Them Crooked Vultures) in an intense ambient noise collaboration augmented by live instrumental improvisations that range from the elegant and sophisticated to the soul-batteringly brutal. At Nattjazz in Bergen on Sunday, May 26 in Studio USF. Ticket information

Concert of Di Scipio works at Sonorities Festival

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Mar 052013

A full concert of works by Agostino Di Scipio is to be featured as part of the Sonorities Festival in Belfast on 26 April 2013.

  • AUDIBLE ECOSYSTEMICS n.1 live electronics
  • PAYSAGE HISTORIQUE n.4 (New York. Background Media Noise), taped sounds and electronics
  • MODES OF INTERFERENCE n.1, audio feedback system with trumpet and electronics
  • 2 PEZZI DI ASCOLTO E SORVEGLIANZA, live electronics
  • Luigi Nono POST-PRE-LUDIUM PER DONAU, tuba and electronics Giacinto Scelsi PEZZI PER TROMBA SOLA

Jonathan Impett is performing trumpet and tuba and Agostino Di Scipio is performing the Kyma electronics.

Jeff Stolet & Chi Wang open for Musicacoustica-Beijing Festival

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Nov 102012

Chi Wang at opening ceremony of Musicacoustica-Beijing (Xinhua/Luo Xiaoguang)

Two live electronic pieces for Kyma and game controllers were selected to be a part of the opening ceremonies for this year’s Musicacoustica Beijing festival on October 22, 2012: Chi Wang’s Sound Motion for Kyma and Kinect and Jeffrey Stolet’s Lariat Rituals for and Kyma and Gametrak controller.

Wang Chi’s Sound Motion is a multichannel interactive composition that utilizes Processing to analyze data captured from the user’s movement in space; that data stream is then used to control recorded, synthesized, and modified sound in Kyma.

In Jeffrey Stolet’s Lariat Rituals, fine positioning of the Gametrak in 3-space controls formants and other parameters of a synthesized male voice (as seen in this video).

Following the festival Stolet and Wang spent two weeks presenting seminars and lectures on Kyma at conservatories throughout China.

Jeffrey Stolet performs Lariat Rituals at KISS2012 in St Cloud MN


LA area performances by Phil Curtis

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Oct 292012

Composer Phil Curtis will be performing in two up-coming Los Angeles-area events, bringing his own brand of live sonic palimpsests to the work of two LA-area artists. On November 6, he’ll be providing live Kyma electronics for a performance of Anne LeBaron’s Floodsongs (2012), a choral setting of three poems by Douglas Kearney performed by the Santa Clarita Master Chorale as part of the last ever SCREAM electronic music festival at REDCAT on Saturday November 10 at 8:30 PM.

The following weekend – Friday through Sunday with two shows on Saturday – Curtis is performing as part of a Furnace, a piece conceived by Carole Kim at Automata in Chinatown. Shows are at 7:00 pm November 16-18 (extra show at 9:30 pm on the 17th). Automata is at 504 Chung King Court. This will be a big multimedia interactive extravaganza with Butoh dance, Experimental Music, and Live Video Projection! Seats are VERY limited, so advance tickets are highly recommended!

For more information and tickets, visit the ticketing site or the Furnace facebook page.


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Sep 302012

SoundProof (Patricia Strange, violin; Stephen Ruppenthal, trumpet, flugelhorn, & voice; Brian Belet, viola, voice, and Kyma processing) have just embarked on a multi-city tour of the midwest culminating in the opening concert for the EMM festival on October 11 2012.

EMM will also feature the world premiere of Belet’s new percussion/Kyma composition on Saturday October 13 and a performance of Hua Sun’s Impression of Tibet for Wacom Tablet controlling Kyma on October 12.

The full SoundProof concert schedule includes:

Monday, October 1st: Bowling Green State University (Bryan Recital Hall, Moore Musical Arts Center), 8pm

Thursday, October 4th: College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati (Watson Recital Hall, Corbett Center), 8pm

Tuesday, October 9th: Ohio University, Athens (Recital Hall – Gldn 400, School of Music), 8pm

Thursday, October 11th: Electronic Music Midwest festival – opening concert (Lewis University, Romeoville, IL), 7:30 pm

The concerts feature interactive Kyma pieces composed specifically for the ensemble by Brian Belet, Bruno Liberda, Stephen Ruppenthal, Jeffrey Stolet. Each concert also includes a ’15 Minutes of Fame’ set featuring one-minute works by 15 composers including Brian Belet, Mark Phillips, Scott Miller, and Michael Wittgraf.

Kyma Symposium in St Cloud

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Sep 262012

Fascinating papers, lively concerts, entertaining hands-on workshops, and conversations that carried on late into each night made KISS2012, the fourth annual Kyma International Sound Symposium, an inspiring and invigorating experience for all.

The symposium was covered by several local news outlets (click on photos to read the stories):




Hua Sun and Kurt Hebel perform the annual ritual for KISS2012

Here’s a slideshow of photos from the event:


For more details on the event, please see the official KISS2012 site and Kyma Symposium on Facebook.

A Midsummer Night’s Supersilent

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Aug 022012

Supersilent, described as the stylistic intersection of Miles Davis, Tangerine Dream, Sonic Youth and Stockhausen has been collaborating with influential bassist/producer/composer John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin, Them Crooked Vultures) on a new project that takes the group to a complex and intensely powerful sonic space. The group performed at the Hafensommer Festival in Würzburg on August 1, 2012.  Check out the photo gallery on the official Hafensommer blog (and look for a shot of JPJ, pick in mouth, controlling Kyma from his iPad).

In an interview with the Main Post, JPJ revealed to the interviewers that he had attended kindergarten in Würzburg, so this was something of a homecoming for him.

As critic John Kelman wrote of the collaboration at All About Jazz:

It sounded, in fact, as if they’d been playing together for years, as Jones moved around the neck to create, deep, visceral and snaking lines beneath Sten’s sonic manipulation, Storløkken textural excursions and otherworldly electronic melodism, and Henriksen, who moved from kit to trumpet growl to falsetto and harsher to pocket trumpet (…) All of Which makes Supersilent a unique experience (…) a definitive moment in the history of the festival (…)

The Long Now

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Jun 212012

Cristian Vogel was commissioned by Grü Transtheatre to create a sound installation for their Last.Lost.Gru weekend. Here’s an excerpt of Vogel’s 72-hour duration granular time stretch of the infamous Doors song on his Kyma / Pacarana system.

The piece was played continuously for 72 hours over the emergency speaker system of the theatre from 15-17 June 2012.

An orchestra of bats

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Jun 162012

EcholocationRobert Jarvis‘ sound installation for an ‘orchestra’ of bats and accompanying ‘choir’ of bat detectors will be performed at the Wolfslaar nature reserve, outside Breda (The Netherlands) on Saturday 16th June as part of this year’s Interference Festival. The fun begins after sunset, as dusk falls and the bats come out to feed. As they fly around and make use of their biosonar radar capabilities in search of insects, Jarvis uses Kyma to capture the bat signals and extract information from them to control a musical score. The result is an evocative surround sound musical experience as night falls, deepening each listener’s relationship with the environment and creating a magical and memorable experience for all. Some responses to previous performances:

I couldn’t believe that I was listening to real bats – what a variety of noises, and to see them in real time was an absolute knockout. The whole thing was fantastic.

I was enchanted by the bat chatter… what a genius idea, and so beautiful.

This is the kind of music that makes people think and transforms their experience of bats, of humans, of sound, of communication. This kind of transformative experience is the whole reason for art.

Echolocation by Robert Jarvis
16 Jun 2012 — 22:30
Open to the public and Free!
Wolfslaar 4834 Breda Zuid Oost Breda Netherlands

JPJ + Supersilent at Sonar

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Jun 152012

Prepare for possible disruptions in the Earth’s magnetic field in the vicinity of Barcelona on June 15 2012 when Supersilent joins forces with John Paul Jones at the Sonar festival for a live performance that may feature as many as four Kyma systems on stage!  Be prepared for wormhole effects as the electronic improvisers start spinning their dense clouds of sci-fi jazz and colliding super-massive visceral sound objects into each other.

In the words of reviewer, David Broc at “…those who found a way through the thick jungle of dark drones, schizophrenic bass lines and undefinable structures, found themselves in one of the most intense moments of the day. ”

Photo by David Broc

John Paul Jones, one of the earliest discoverers of Kyma, has been composing, producing, and performing with Kyma and influencing its development for nearly two decades.  Jones has been working with Helge Sten for the past 3 years, and together they’re taking Kyma into dangerously powerful new sonic territories; last year, the Kyma meme infected two more members of the group: Ståle Storløkken (keyboards, synth, electronics) and Arve Henriksen (trumpet, voice, drums, electronics), so at this point it’s on the verge of a pandemic.

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